Espejo de Luna


Outstanding gastronomy inside a grounded boat typical of Chiloé.

“And that is where the moon reflects bright and majestic; it is where the boat found peace and them, their new home”

Discovering a singular bar-restaurant-lounge in the midst of a superb southern landscape, surprises, but finding it inside the hull of an island heeled boat, makes it an extraordinary experience.

And if on top of this we add that it is an exquisite and cozy space, built with noble wood from the island and a deep respect for the ancestral traditions from Chiloé, then, you feel like home.

Taste the best flavor of the region, accompanied by a fine selection of Chilean wines. Share tales about travelers by the warmth of the open fire. Legends about beautiful mermaids and magic warlocks, tales about Voladoras and Cuchivilúes, unusual stories on the shores of an unusual land.




Salmon Ceviche $5.200/ USD 8.0
Salmon cubes marinated, serve with purple onion, coriander and a touch of ginger.

Chilote  Ceviche $5.800/ USD9.0
Cubes of salmon and austral hake with seafood, purple onion, coriander, ginger and a touch of natives potatoes

Shrimps in Mango Sauce $ 4.500/USD 10,5
Shrimps in Mango Sauce Grilled shrimps with a spicy purée in a mango sauce

Seafood Consommé $ 4.800/ USD 7,5
Conger consommé matched with seafood, conger cubes and our famous Luche.

Tapaditos Chilotes $4.800/ USD 7,5
Chapalele complemented with salted mushrooms, corn, olives and ciboulette
To Choose: land of smoked mussels (Smoked pork)



Seafood Gnocchi $9.800 / USD 15 
Gnocchi made with native potatoes of the island matched with a seafood sauce and a touch of cream

Plateada $9.600 / USD 15
Meat cooked in its own flavors accompanied with green rice and native potato chips.

Lef Hake $9.500/USD 14.5
Grilled hake with a sauce of capers with a touch of butter and sauvignon Blanc complemented with sautéed vegetables.

Congrio Uñan $9.800/ USD 15
Congrio a la plancha con risotto de quinua y tierra de choritos.
Grilled conger with quinua risotto with a land of mussels.

Chicken Paupiettes $10.500 /USD16
Pollo relleno de verduras bañados en salsa de vino tinto acompañado de risotto de quinua y champiñones.
Chicken sttuffed with vegetables matched with red wine sauce served with risotto of quinua and mushrooms.

Chilote Salmon $8.500/ USD 13
Grilled salmon matched with Chapalele in a sauce of smoked mussels and Sauvignon Blanc.

Hake Trilogy $10.200/ USD 16
Hake filets seasoned with coconut- merken and almonds with a chilote purée, spicy purée and smoked mussel’s purée.

Conger Lafken y Tue $9.600/ USD 15
Grilled conger served with native potatoes and sautéed seafood with a touch of ciboulette and smoked pork.

Wingkul Salmon $9.900/ USD 15
Delicious grilled salmon of the island served with vegetables and complemented with and exquisite risotto of mote, basil and coriander.



Carelhue Salad $6.600 / USD 10
Greens of the season, olives, tomatoes, nalca, palm hearts with a fine dressing of mustard.

Espejo de Luna Salad $8.500 / USD 13
Green mix matched with steamed seafood, tomatoes, cheese, toast almonds, Capers with a touch of onion seasoned with a dressing of lemon and merken.

Peuma Salad $8.500 / USD 13
Greens vegetables of the season matched with cheese and chilota potatoes, bell peppers, corn and smoked pork seasoned with a dressing of honey and balsamic vinegar.

Lancuyen $8.700 / USD 13
Quinua, acompañada de zanahoria, morrón, habas, cebolla morada, aceituna, alcachofas.
Quinua, complemented with carrot, bell peppers, broad beans, purple onion, olives and artichokes.



Grilled chicken with chapaleles $5.200 / USD 8.0

Fish bites with sautéed potatoes and chef sauce. $6.200 / USD 9.5

Fettuccini with Bolognese sauce. $5.200 / USD 8.0



Tabla Chilota (for two people) $14.000/ USD 22.0
Cheese selection, smoked pig, chip potatoes, sautéed fish in butter, crostini, complemented with a soft sauce of merken and ciboulette.

Tabla Espejo de Luna (for two people) $12.000/ USD 18.0
Chilote ceviche with sautéed native potatoes with a touch of merken, cheese selection, chapalele complemented with a soft sauce of garlic and coriander.

Espejo de Luna invited you to keep in your memory the winters and the reverence of the language of the mountains when the sun light us”



Cheesecake with red berries sauce $5.600 / UDS 8.50

Crème Brule $4.200 / USD 6.50

Fruits salads of the season $3.800 / USD 6.0

Ice Cream trilogy of the house $3.800 / USD 6.0

Brownie matched with ice cream $4.500 / USD 7.50

Mousse de chocolate y almendras $4.200 / USD 6.50
Chocolate mousse with almonds



Big express coffee $1.800 / USD 2.80

Small express coffee $1.200 / USD 1.80

Big coffee with milk $2.200 / USD 3.40

Small coffee with milk $1.500 / USD 2.30

Tea or herbs infusion $1.200 / USD 1.80

Hot Chocolate $2.500 / USD2.80



Coca Cola $1.800 / USD 2.80
Coca Zero $1.800 / USD 2.80
Coca Light $1.800 / USD 2.80
Sprite $1.800 / USD 2.80
Fanta $1.800 / USD 2.80
Ginger Ale $1.800 / USD 2.80

Tonic $1.800 / USD 2.80
Water / Sparkling $1.500 / USD 2.30

Natural juice $2.800 / USD 4.50



Kunstmann Torobayo $3.500 / USD 5.40
Corona $3.500 / USD 5.40
Heineken $3.500 / USD 5.40

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