Espejo de Luna


Outstanding gastronomy inside a grounded boat typical of Chiloé.

“And that is where the moon reflects bright and majestic; it is where the boat found peace and them, their new home”

Discovering a singular bar-restaurant-lounge in the midst of a superb southern landscape, surprises, but finding it inside the hull of an island heeled boat, makes it an extraordinary experience.

And if on top of this we add that it is an exquisite and cozy space, built with noble wood from the island and a deep respect for the ancestral traditions from Chiloé, then, you feel like home.

Taste the best flavor of the region, accompanied by a fine selection of Chilean wines. Share tales about travelers by the warmth of the open fire. Legends about beautiful mermaids and magic warlocks, tales about Voladoras and Cuchivilúes, unusual stories on the shores of an unusual land.

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