Espejo de Luna

Who are we?

Espejo de Luna Lodge, a living legend in the heart of Chilean Patagonia, Chiloé.

“Tentevilú, goddess of the earth and fertility, lashed victoriously against Caicavilú, goddess of the sea and enemy of life, making the hills grow. Then the Chiloé Island emerged incredible and exuberant, and the moon brightly shone in its reflection.”

As mystical as the place that houses it, Espejo de Luna was born in 2006, a unique eco-lodge, a magical mix of surprising architecture in perfect harmony with nature, comfortable wood cabins that neither intervene nor destroy the ecosystems of these privileged lands of Patagonia.

The protection and preservation of the place of introduction is for us fundamental in Espejo de Luna, being a clear example of sustainability, thanks to its great savings in CO2 emmisions on choosing the most sustainable construction material. This wood building in Patagonia and its existing lush vegetation, could disappear in 20 years if it were abandoned and it would integrate into nature, allowing the return to its original state.

Our hotel has amongst its principles, ethical, responsible, sustainable and accessible tourism for everyone. In this context our infrastructure is set up for people with reduced mobility who may be able to enjoy the natural surroundings without restrictions, likewis it has rooms equipped to their needs and a panoramic lift in the myrtle forest which facilitates their movement so that they can perceive and feel nature at its peak.

We want to make it possible for the people of our island to see themselves benefitted with your visitors, receiving a service of high quality, enjoying nature, the heritage and local culture in harmony.

We prioritize giving a service that without loosing its quality and exclusivity, avoids carbon emissions from all our activities. We love to promote local products, avoiding emissions due to unnecessary transport. We concentrate on saving energy and water, we encourage collective transport, and in our recreational activities we opt for walking, horse trekking or the bicycle.

Our commitment to sustainable tourism is formalised with the the sustainable tourism stamp of SERNATUR Chile (National Service of Tourism of Chile), obtained in December 2013 backed up by the Manual of Sustainability of Espejo de Luna. The permanent training of our personnel allows us together to see through the bi-annual management plans of Espejo de Luna for the protection of the environment and a holistic reduction of our ecological footprint.

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